Escort Shotguns USA


Always practice safe handling of your firearm and maintain awareness of the environment in which you are doing so.

  1. Treat every gun as if it were loaded at all times
  2. Never allow the gun to be aimed at anything you do not wish to destroy
  3. Keep the gun on safe and your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire it
  4. Be aware of your target, your surroundings, and what is beyond your target at all times
  5. Always transport and store your firearm unloaded
  6. Always check that your firearm is unloaded when retrieving it from storage, passing it to another person, or receiving it from another person
  7. Keep the barrel clear of obstructions and be aware of the possibility of squibs
  8. Handle and carry the gun in a manner that allows you to maintain control of the muzzle and the direction in which it is pointed
  9. Do not climb over obstacles with a loaded gun
  10. Do not shoot at water or hard, flat surfaces – this will help prevent unwanted ricochets
  11. Do not consume alcohol or other mind/behavior-altering substances before or while handling your firearm