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Introducing the ESCORT BullTac Pump Action Shotgun – the ultimate sporting, security. and law enforcement companion. This purpose-built bullpup shotgun delivers uncompromising power with its 18″ barrel for shot or slugs, while the durable synthetic stock ensures all-weather usability. Available in 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and .410 caliber. With a 5+1 capacity, side accessory rails, and detachable carry handle with adjustable sights, the BullTac offers unparalleled adaptability. Its quick disconnect sling mount and manual cross button safety enhance handling and security, making it the ideal choice for critical operations. Compact yet powerful at 27.75″ overall length and 7 lbs, the ESCORT BullTac is the epitome of performance and reliability in tactical shotguns.


Engineered for precision and reliability, the Escort BullTac is a purpose-built bullpup pump-action shotgun, meticulously designed for sporting, security, and law enforcement applications. In a formidable 12 gauge, and the popular 20 gauge & .410 caliber, with both 2 3/4″ and 3″ chamber compatibility, this shotgun delivers uncompromising stopping power when you need it most.

The 18″ barrel, optimized for shot or slugs, is equipped with a fixed cylinder choke and oxidation-resistant chrome-plated steel construction, ensuring consistent performance and maximum durability even in the most demanding conditions. Every barrel is meticulously proof-tested at the factory to guarantee unmatched reliability. Crafted for adaptability, the BullTac features a durable upper alloy receiver paired with a light-yet-sturdy synthetic lower receiver, offering a balanced feel and ergonomic grip for swift maneuvering. The shell deflector directs spent shells downward, minimizing distractions during intense operations.

Equipped for any weather, the all-weather, pistol grip, bullpup synthetic stock ensures a secure hold and enhanced control in adverse conditions. The shotgun’s 5+1 capacity provides ample firepower to handle critical situations effectively. Enhanced with thoughtful accessories, the BullTac comes with side accessory rails on the carry handle, allowing for quick attachment of essential gear. The removable picatinny optics rail enables seamless customization for different sight options, while the detachable carry handle features an adjustable rear sight and built-in fixed front sight for rapid target acquisition.

Designed for smooth handling, the shotgun features a quick disconnect sling mount, ensuring effortless transitions and tactical readiness on the move. The tough matte black finish not only adds a sleek touch but also enhances the shotgun’s resilience against wear and tear.

With an 18″ barrel, 27.75″ overall length, and weighing in at 7 lbs or less, the Escort BullTac strikes the perfect balance between compactness and power, making it a versatile choice. Safety is paramount, and the BullTac is equipped with a manual cross button safety, offering peace of mind during high-stress situations.

Upgrade your arsenal with the Escort BullTac Pump Action Shotgun, and experience the epitome of performance, versatility, and dependability.

BullTac Features

  • Sporting, security, & law enforcement purpose bullpup, pump-action shotgun
  • 12 gauge, 20 gauge, .410 caliber;  2 3/4″ & 3″ chamber
  • 18″ barrel for shot or slugs
  • Fixed cylinder choke
  • Oxidation resistant chrome-plated steel barrel
  • All barrels are proof-tested at the factory to ensure maximum durability
  • Durable upper alloy receiver and a light-yet-durable synthetic lower receiver
  • Shell deflector diverts spent shells downward
  • All-weather, pistol grip, bullpup synthetic stock
  • Removable vented muzzle break and muzzle cap included
  • 5+1 capacity
  • Side accessory rails on carry handle
  • Removable picatinny optics rail
  • Detachable carry handle with adjustable rear sight and built-in fixed front sight
  • Quick disconnect sling mount
  • Tough matte black finish
  • Manual cross button safety


  • 18” barrel for shot or slugs
  • 27.75” overall length
  • 12 gauge -7 lbs; 20 gauge – 6.8 lbs; .410 caliber – 6.7 lbs

Additional information




Pump Action

Gauge / Caliber

12 GA, 20 GA, .410 CAL


2 3/4" – 70mm, 3" – 76mm Magnum


Chrome-Plated Steel


Alloy Upper Reciever, Synthetic Lower Receiver

Stock & Forend

Synthetic Stock

Recoil Pad


Barrel Length


Magazine Capacity

Tube 5+1


Detachable Carry Handle with Rear Sight, Fiber Optic Front Sight

Included Chokes

Fixed Cylinder


Manual Cross-Button



Accessories / Features

Carry Handle with Accessory Rails, Quick Disconnect Sling Mount, Picatinny Rail

Overall Length



.410 cal – 6.7 lbs, 20 ga – 6.8 lbs, 12 ga – 7 lbs