Escort Shotguns USA

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Semi-Automatic Shotguns

  • My Semi-Auto Shotgun Does Not Cycle Properly
    • Check to make sure the gun is clean and properly lubricated – Most failures of this type are due to dirty gas systems and/or dry components.
      • Remove the forend and check that the gas piston, magazine tube, and barrel loop are clean of fowling and well lubricated.
      • Most models also have an o-ring on the magazine tube, forward of the gas piston, that may need replacement.  A replacement o-ring is included with all applicable models.
      • On shotguns with high shot count, check that the gas ports at the bottom of the barrel are free of buildup and not obstructed.  They can be cleaned with solvent and a pipe cleaner.
    • Check that the action is clean and lubricated.
      • The action bar bushing that glides around the magazine tube and is attached to the action bar should be clean and well lubricated.
      • The action bar should be well lubricated where it fits into the receiver.
      • The bolt assembly should be clean and lubricated where it contacts the inside of the receiver.
    • Check that the buffer pad at the rear of the receiver is in place and not damaged.
      • Consistent use of heavy loads will increase the impact wear of this buffer.  If it is damaged, it may interfere with cycling.

Pump Action Shotguns

  • My Pump Action Shotgun Will Not Go Together Easily
    • Each pump action model is shipped disassembled with a plastic tab inserted into the receiver that holds the bolt assembly in place during transit.  This tab must first be removed from the receiver before the gun can be assembled.
    • The action must be pulled forward in order to install the barrel into place.  Gently pull the pump handle forward until the bolt face is almost flush with the front of the receiver, then inset the barrel.
    • If the action assembly comes completely out of the receiver, it must be properly aligned in order to reinstall.  Align the rails of the action bar with the openings in the receiver and gently push the assembly in place.  If it does not go smoothly in place, remove and realign.  Be sure to lubricate the action bar prior to re-installing.

22LR Rifles

  • My 22LR rifle does not extract or eject empty cartridges
    • Check that the extractor jaws are clean of debris and not damaged.  With the bolt removed, place an empty cartridge against the bolt face and slide it between the two jaws.  There should be mild tension, and the jaws should hold the spent cartridge in place.  Weak springs and/or damaged extractors should be replaced.  Debris that prevents the jaws from moving should be removed, and the jaws lightly lubricated.
  • My 22LR does will not fire or requires multiple hammer strikes to fire
    • Check that the firing pin is not damaged.  In the un-cocked position, the firing pin should protrude from the opening and be flush with the upper bolt face.  It should be flat with sharp edges and show no signs of damage.  A damaged firing pin can result in light strikes or failure to discharge conditions.  NEVER DRY-FIRE YOUR RIMFIRE RIFLE!